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Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

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“In Him was life; and the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not."
John 1: 4-5


Silver Linings
[ Silver Linings ]

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Featured Articles: Updated Web site...
Featured Articles

As of November 2007, the Web site has been merged with Web site

The current Web site primarily features articles from the greater Sioux Falls area and the greater Twin Ports area in Duluth, Minn./Superior,Wis. Living Stones News-Midwest edition is also published as a 20-page, monthly newspaper and distributed at selected sites throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa. (See pickup locations on the Web site.) Anyone wishing to comment is encouraged to e-mail the publisher at or call (605) 336-6870 in the Sioux Falls area or (218) 728-4945 in the Duluth area.

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Featured Articles: Living Stones News merging Sioux Falls and Duluth editions
Featured Articles

Living Stones News

Economics is driving the decision to merge the Sioux Falls, S.D., edition of Living Stones News with the Duluth, Minn., edition. Publisher Corinne Scott said the monthly Christian newspaper that began distribution in Sioux Falls in June 2006 has not been able to sustain adequate advertising to continue publishing a separate newspaper.

“Merging the two newspapers will allow us to continuing distributing hard copies in Sioux Falls, rather than going strictly to a Web-based newspaper,” Scott said. “Many readers do not have access to computers and would miss the Living Stones News each month if it was only published on the Web. This November issue has been distributed from our Duluth, Minn., headquarters. Because the decision to merge the papers came about quickly, there wasn’t time to blend news from the Siouxland area for this November issue. However, beginning with the December issue, columnists and feature articles from the Sioux Falls edition will be blended with the Northland paper. Members of the Sioux Falls editorial board also will merge with the Northland board.”

Living Stones News expects the merger to be completed during the next several months. The paper will be increased to 24 pages, and there will be 15,000 copies printed each month with an estimated readership of 37,500.
Anyone wishing to comment on the newspaper is welcome to e-mail the publisher at or call (605) 336-6870 in the Sioux Falls area or (218) 728-4945 in the Duluth area.

For the latest Living Stones News articles please visit

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Featured Articles: Healed to heal
Featured Articles

Premed student emerges from the ashes of abuse and abusive living
By Kent Wigg, Living Stones News Writer

As a troubled and troublesome teenager, Bryan Westerhuis had few clues of the healing operation God would soon be performing in order to turn him inside out and placed securely on a road to healing others.

The 28-year-old Augustana College biology major with medical school ambitions reflected on one of the more difficult times of his life.

Brian Westerhuis has been blessed with his wife, Hillary, and their son, Jake, as well as a calling from God to study medicine. Westerhuis believes that through him God will do good things for people.

“I began to drink when I was about 14. I left my parents’ house as part choice and part ultimatum. I saw my opportunity and took it,” Westerhuis said.

He left what he considered an abusive environment to move in with his grandparents in Kimball, S.D. The physical situation had improved, but his personal situation remained problematic.

“My development was sped up. I’d seen a lot that others hadn’t seen and thus had to have a maturity and toughness to live through it,” Westerhuis said, “Maturity didn’t always mean smart decision-making.”

Alcohol and run-ins with the law continued, leading eventually to a second DUI conviction and a 120-day sentence late in 2000. During this time, he was able to look for a job, but quickly found that the market demand for work-release prisoners without a driver’s license wasn’t exactly high.

“I found a job at a nursing home – something I thought I’d never do,” he said, describing the night-shift employment that at least provided a source of income during his incarceration.

Westerhuis reminisced on one particular and unforgettable night that he worked the late shift.

“I felt an overwhelming sensation. It’s tough to describe,” he said. “What it boils down to is that God was working in me that night. I’d already begun to love the work that I was doing at the nursing home, and He must have thought, ‘Well, it’s about time you came here.’”

Westerhuis recalled what he felt was God’s physical presence calling him to the Lord and to medicine.

“The feeling I left with was one of having been given a purpose, of being assured of my ability and of (being) given the comfort of guidance,” he said. “That night, God revealed to me a buzz that could not be found at the bottom of a bottle or any action whatsoever. And He showed me a life He had distinctly built for me. It was incredible.”

Westerhuis continues to recognize this as a moment of “reawakening and revealing,” as a preface to a series of progressive stages leading into a new life.

“If anything has been dramatic, it is the life change that occurred,” he said. “Before, my life and myself were obviously a mess. The circumstances in which I lived or placed myself were usually substandard to what any human should be in. I’d gotten to a point where feeling bad was okay to me – that it was normal. I guess that’s all I’d ever known.”

Westerhuis now sees his life as beautiful, with God removing his old ways and repositioning him to study for a medical career and subsequently to find true purpose in his life. His decision-making standards were raised, and his strong drive to help others emerged as victor over previous selfish and self-destructive tendencies.

“I know that through me, God will do good things for people,” Westerhuis said. “I have a passion for making the most of the life that God gave me and understanding the blessings that are in everything we do.”

As a college senior looking forward to future exams for admittance to medical school, Westerhuis looks to a steady source of strength to fight daily discouragements as they emerge.

“I think about the work that God has done in my life,” he said. “How He...

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Featured Articles: Chaplain retires after 50 years of ministerial service
Featured Articles

For the past 17 years, Reverend Eugene DeHoogh has served as chaplain at Dow Rummel Village, capping off 50 years of ministry. He retires in October.
By Veronica Stoneall, Living Stones News Writer

For the past 50 years, Reverend Eugene R. DeHoogh has been serving God. He pastored churches in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota for over 35 years, and then for the past 17 years, he has been the chaplain at Dow Rummel Village at 1321 West Dow Rummel Street in Sioux Falls, S.D. His greatest love has been to share with people, listen to them and to share a Bible verse.

This October will begin the season of retirement for Chaplain DeHoogh. After five decades of ministerial service, he is looking forward to spending more time with family and enjoying activities he hasn’t had time for.

One of DeHoogh’s favorite Bible verses is Psalm 119:105 (NIV): “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

“After serving all these years, I believe God has told me to retire,” DeHoogh said. “My last month at Dow Rummel will be this October.”

DeHoogh grew up on a farm near Monroe, S.D. He remembers attending church with his family at Calvary Reformed Church.

“As a young person, I trusted in the Lord and made a public profession of faith while I was in high school. The hymn ‘Jesus Paid it All,’ became real to me,” DeHoogh said. “After high school I went to school for premedicine. However, I kept leaning toward going into the ministry. I did not know that my parents were praying for me to become a pastor. Whom the Lord calls, He always qualifies.”

DeHoogh attended Central College in Pella, Iowa. He went to Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Mich., in l957 and was ordained in Bethany Reformed Church in Des Moines, Iowa.

“Through the years, my wife, Darlene, has been faithful. She supported me in my work and ministry by teaching school so I could pursue my calling to be a pastor,” he said. “We have two wonderful children and five grandchildren. I look forward to spending more time with them when I retire from Dow Rummel.”

After attending seminary, DeHoogh served Reformed churches in Iowa and Luverne, Minn., and for 20 years served Faith Presbyterian Church in Lennox, S.D. At the same time, he worked part time at the Veterans’ Hospital and at Dow Rummel in Sioux Falls.

“It has been wonderful to lead ecumenical services here at Dow Rummel. I love the people and love to serve them. The people are very appreciative. We have all denominations. We serve all as one together. We learn and lift up the Lord Jesus Christ,” DeHoogh said.

“I have many favorite scriptures. ‘The Lord is my light and my salvation. Whom shall I fear?’ Psalm 27:1 (NIV) This verse was my favorite Psalm as a child. Today, it is still a favorite as I sing it for special music. I sang it for the 10th anniversary celebration for the chapel. I sang in a quartet when I was younger. Music is very important to me. Since the chapel was built 10 years ago, music here has been special. The organ music by Douglas Chapman has been wonderful for me.”

DeHoogh started “Musical Moments” after lunch on Thursdays. Every weekend he would record 30 minutes of “The Hour of Power.”

“We watch the video and people are blessed by the music and the testimonies. My inspirational mentors have been Norman Vincent Peale and Dr. Robert Schuller,” DeHoogh said.

Some of the chaplain duties DeHoogh covered at Dow Rummel Village included preparing worship for Sunday. He held a Bible study on Tuesdays, visited residents and called people on their birthdays. He also served for many funeral and memorial services at the chapel.

Some of the highlights for him at Dow Rummel were to learn, pray and be ministered to by the people as he ministered to them.

“We have troubles and trials, but we prepare people here for...

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Featured Articles: Two young women from family choose religious life as Catholic nuns
Featured Articles

God has called both Laura and Angie Irvine to a life of poverty, chastity and obedience as Catholic nuns. They have both joined convents to become sisters in the Catholic faith.
By Veronica Stoneall, Living Stones News Writer

Having two of their five children choose the life of solitude and prayer as Catholic nuns has been a blessing and an adjustment for the Dan and Betty Irvine family. The family has five children. Ryan is the oldest and the only boy of the family. The next four children are girls named Angela, Laura, Trish and Moria. Coming from a strong Catholic background, the two oldest girls have chosen to join convents and become nuns.

Betty and Dan Levine (front) pose with two of their daughters Trish (left) and Moria. The Levine are proud of their daughters, Angie and Laurie, who have chosen to become nuns, but they do miss being able to see them and talk to them often.

“It is quite a sacrifice to the family as well as for the girls who join the convent. It affects everyone when someone goes into the ministry to serve God in religious work. God is first in their lives, and family has to adjust to not seeing them very often. Not being married allows them to devote their lives to God,” Betty Irvine said.

The Irvine family lives in the country between Brandon and Garretson, S.D. Their middle daughter, Laura, whose convent name is Sister Mary Joseph of the Eucharist Heart of Jesus joined the convent at age 19.

When Laura was 16, she took an interest test in high school, which led her to want to be a marine biologist. However, she went with others from her youth group to Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, for a retreat. She was drawn to the school and the spirituality of the place.

When she came home, she told her parents she did not want to go to college, but wanted to join the convent. Her parents advised her to attend college for a year just to be sure of her decision. After graduating from high school, Laura attended Franciscan University for a year and a half. She learned about her Catholic faith and continued to be drawn to the convent.

Before she entered the convent, Laura and her older sister, Angie, went on a mission trip together right before Christmas. It was their last chance to go together. After the mission trip, Laura’s parents took her on a trip to Rome to visit a former roommate. It was a nice time for the parents and their daughter.

At age 19, Laura went to Our Mother of Mercy and St. Joseph Convent in Alexandria, S.D. She contacted them right after school and entered into the convent on March 19, 2004. This convent has a ministry of prayer. They are pretty much confined to the convent and eat natural foods and live simply.

“They welcome prayer requests as prayer is their main focus,” Betty said. “They offer up their lives in prayer for others. They sacrifice to pray for others needs. You can feel the strength of their prayers. The address is Our Mother of Mercy and St. Joseph Convent, Box 67, Alexandria, S.D. 57311. You can send and request prayers when needed.”

Betty said that they could visit their daughter for an hour once a month except during Lent and Advent seasons.

“Before she left for the Convent, we had a special ‘Mass of Celebration’ which gave others the opportunity to see her before she left,” Betty said.

Irvine’s oldest daughter, Angie, has also joined a...

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Featured Articles: Taking the Gospel to the darkest corners of the world
Featured Articles

David Pierce of Steiger International goes into the deep dark recesses of the world to reach unchurched youth with the hope they can have in Jesus Christ.
By Laura Rupp

David Pierce is a man called by God to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the dark places of Satanic clubs, the closed Islamic countries and everything in between.

Pierce, 53, was born in Brooklyn Center, Minn. He grew up in a Baptist church. He knew the fundamentals of religion, but it was not real to him.

David Pierce of Steiger International speaks at the 2007 LifeLight Music Festival in Sioux Falls over Labor Day. Pierce believes people need to have a fresh revelation of the cross and to tell the truth of Jesus Christ to those who do not know.

Pierce attended the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. While there, he met an individual involved with the occult. The friendship made Pierce realize the reality of the spiritual world.

“I cried out to God for the first time and began to read the Bible and pray,” Pierce said.

At the UM-Twin Cities, Pierce began a ministry called, “Everybody’s House.” They held parties for students -- without the alcohol and drugs. The ministry also offered Bible studies to the young adults.

God later led Pierce to Amsterdam, Holland, with Youth With a Mission. There he met Jodi, who happened to be from his home church on the same mission. God made it clear that he wanted them together. They married after a short courtship.

After a time in the United States, the Pierces returned to Amsterdam. They started a ministry called Steiger International. Steiger means “pier” in Dutch and comes from the address of the barge where Pierces started a Bible study (1980s) for punks and the non-churched.

Steiger International is dedicated to going to secular young people, leading them into a relationship with Jesus Christ and helping them fulfill God’s calling for their lives. The global youth culture is the largest unreached group of people in the world. They are found in every major urban area in the world and are part of the MTV culture.

In 1985, Pierce created No Longer Music. Music and art are the language of the global youth culture. “I never got into this for the music,” Pierce said. God told him to start a band to reach people. “We made a decision from the beginning that we were going to be very clear about who we believe in and what we stood for.”

Pierce believes that young people all over the world are hungering for the strong, straight, radical truth of Jesus Christ.

The first performances were for people on the street and in underground punk clubs. People came back, not for the musical talent, but for the message of truth.

No Longer Music continues to grow and adapt to the ever-changing culture, with an unchanging, uncompromising message of faith and hope in Christ. It is an effective tool to bring Jesus to places where conventional missionary teams cannot go.

Steiger International is reaching the world for Christ. “God miraculously opens doors for us,” Pierce said. No Longer Music recently returned from a tour to Kyrgystan, Turkey, Iceland and Germany.

“God stirred in my mind a tour to Muslim countries,” Pierce said. The challenge was presented and Pierce responded. Pierce’s wife, two sons and a daughter-in-law were called to go as well. This required Pierce to deepen his trust in God to protect, not only himself, but his family as well.

The band played many venues during the tour. The one-hour show combines music and theatrical elements. Fire, video, fake blood and costumes create special effects to draw in the crowds of unbelievers. The story depicts man’s desperate need for Jesus and concludes with a crucifixion and resurrection scene.

“We show them the real Jesus,” Pierce said. Jesus is compassionate and cares for the people. Yet, he is angry at the injustices and sins of the world. “After we show the audience the real Jesus, then we tell them this is Jesus.” The people identify with this and respond.

Pierce believes that “bringing Jesus into...

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Featured Articles: Kami’s Kids: Reaching out to the lost children
Featured Articles

Christian leaders hope that sponsorship program can help feed, clothe and educate the impoverished children of the Philippines.
By Dara Fillmore, Living Stones News Writer

Publisher’s note: This is the final installment of a three-part series about Living Stones News columnist Kami Scott’s experiences in the Philippines. Last month’s article focused on Scott’s return visit to the Dump City and the many children living in awful conditions there.

Kami Scott, a columnist for Living Stones News, says that sponsoring a Filipino child for $30 a month helps meet their basic needs of food, clothing and schooling.

At the church compound near where Jered and Evangeline Ramada live, Kami Scott was thrilled to see the children singing praise and worship songs.

Many of them come from the streets and are trained to fight for themselves, so Jered and Evangeline have their hands full keeping the children in line.

The Ramadas are trying to set up their household to operate as orphanage so that they can keep better track of the kids, Scott said.
That means a lot of paperwork to keep track of ages, names, where they came from and who their parents are. Once set up, they want to be able to have sponsors for the kids so they can go to school.

“The sponsorship of a child would be $30 per month, which would help with feeding, clothing and school tuition,” Scott said. “A one-time gift of $25 would help with getting the kids ready for school with shoes, clothing and school supplies. Each child is going to need $30 per month in order to stay in school.”

All of the gifts the Ramadas receive for their ministry go to keeping their motorcycle running, fuel, food for travel and rent.
Their only mode of travel to other villages is with the motorcycle.
Sometimes Jered leaves home, trusting God to provide for him as he rides the motorcycle to a faraway village with no money for a return trip.

The Ramadas are doing pioneering work in some of the remote areas they visit, Scott said. There are few churches, teachers and leaders.
Many of the Christian leaders in the villages need a lot of encouragement in their work with villagers.

One little girl wanted to sit in Scott’s lap while she was visiting one village. The girl started rubbing Scott’s arm with her finger to see if the color of her skin was real. Everywhere Scott went, the girl followed her to listen and watch.

“I don’t think she’d ever seen a white...

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Christian Commerce: Local businesswoman walks in attitude of prayer
Christian Commerce

Susie Wingler brings Christ into the marketplace. Stepping out of her comfort zone and praying with people on the spot has made a big difference in her life and for those with whom she prays.
By Veronica Stoneall, Living Stones News Writer

Susie Wingler and her husband and best friend of 31 years, Gerry, are the third generation to run Shipley’s Laundry and Dry Cleaners in Sioux Falls, S.D. This family business is l05 years old, and is one of a handful of local businesses to reach the century mark and remain in the original family.

A manager at Shipley’s Laundry, Susie Wingler sees the marketplace as a mission field, and through prayer and personal interaction, she introduces Christ’s love to others wherever she goes.

“Jesus Christ is the CEO of our business,” Wingler said. “Christ has laid the foundation for His love to be shared throughout our business, which has resulted in many employees, vendors and customers experiencing life-changing events.”

Wingler can recount hundreds of miracles where God has touched the lives of those around her in numerous ways. Many have experienced physical healing. Others have opened their hearts to Christ, and many people have experienced God’s divine grace and intervention.

“God just keeps opening doors and challenging me. He is limitless, and I have come to always expect the unexpected from Him,” Wingler said.

Wingler grew up in Sioux Falls and still lives there with Gerry and their two daughters, Stacy and Jennifer. Although Wingler was raised Episcopalian, she had never experienced a personal relationship with Jesus until she was 16 years old when Gerry introduced her to the Lord.

“On our first date, we visited his church and discussed Bible verses.” Wingler said.

About a year ago, God convicted Wingler to begin praying for physical healing for others. She has been a witness to the power and grace of God moving in an awesome way in people’s lives. Numerous occurrences of backs, necks, bones, joints, shoulders, knees, etc. have been healed and restored by Christ.

This past summer at a Holy Spirit conference, Wingler was overjoyed when her daughter, Jennifer, was miraculously healed of Crohn’s disease. When people are healed physically by Christ, they are given a burning desire to learn more about Jesus who has healed them.

Becoming involved with the local ministry known as Command 2, a prayer-based organization that strives to bring Christ into the workplace, has been fulfilling for Wingler. From her association with the ministry, Wingler has caught the vision of the marketplace as a mission field. The concept is to use prayer along with personal interaction to introduce others to Christ’s love wherever you go. The marketplace infers that the mission field could be anything from the grocery store to your workplace or even in an airplane. Wherever people are becomes a marketplace.

Every Tuesday the Command 2 ministry hosts a luncheon at the Firehouse Underground. It is a gathering of like-minded Christians for fellowship and discussion about spreading the Good News in the marketplace and throughout the community. Command 2 also dispatches prayer teams to prayer walk businesses. They use a program called “Tread” which involves people who gather in the downtown area to prayer walk the city, often stopping along the way to minister to the prayer needs of those on the streets.

One of Wingler’s goals is to help instill in others the same passion for prayer that God has placed in her heart. It is her belief that she must be obedient to God’s nudging when she encounters someone who needs the touch of the Lord. There is always an opportunity to pray for people.

One such occasion arose when Wingler was visiting her parents in Florida. She had the privilege to pray for and share the love of God with a caregiver who had been experiencing much anguish and grief and as a result she could see no hope for her future. While praying with the caregiver, God imparted a peace to her, which opened the door for Wingler who was then able to share the Gospel message. The lady’s life was changed instantly.

God engineered another encounter when carpeting was being installed in Wingler’s home. The installer was quite late getting to the job and as a result, Wingler was running behind getting to work. However, she felt led by the Holy Spirit to stay and talk with the man. He began to share how for years he has been running from God because of the heartaches in his life. Ironically, while he was on his knees installing carpet, Wingler was able to pray with him. She is always amazed at God’s perfect timing.

“It is great to see how the Lord takes the brokenhearted and restores them physically, emotionally and spiritually. He helps them find true joy,” Wingler said.

“One of the most important things is spending time with the Lord. This results in a friendship that moves into intimacy. That is when God imparts His personality, His ways and His desires into you. I strive to be sensitive to people’s needs so I can discern how to share God’s love for them. Everyone needs love. When you seek it, God will implant in your heart a genuine love for others that cannot be explained by worldly terms,” Wingler said.

Wingler’s favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 3.3(NIV): “Let love and faithfulness never leave you. Bind them around your neck. Write them on the tablet of your heart.”

“I can’t wait to get up in the morning to see what God has planned for me,” Wingler said. “It is a true honor to serve the Lord.”

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Book Review: Book Review - (October, 2007)
Book Review

White~Knuckle Faith: Trusting God in Times of Crisis, by Dave and Jeanne Kaufman
Reviewed by Kelly S. Gillett, Living Stones News Writer

Dermatomyositis … the word alone is daunting. Add to that the task of understanding this one, rather large, word, “autoimmune disease, attacks skin and muscles, mistakes self tissue for nonself, T cells attack own body, can severely affect lungs, heart, kidneys and liver, no cure” and you will probably feel more than a little overwhelmed. Dismay will likely follow as you discover the treatment for said disease involves combinations of very strong medications — all with harsh side effects. And, ultimately you find yourself crashing full force into a brick wall of shock as you try to absorb the fact that this diagnosis has just been given to your precious 6-year-old daughter. Enter in … the Kaufman family.

In “White~Knuckle Faith”, Pastor Dave Kaufman and his wife, Jeanne, tell the story of their daughter Angela’s battle with dermatomyositis. The Kaufman’s take us on their journey from the first months of discovering Angela’s illness and trying to get an accurate diagnosis for what was wrong to how Angela became the South Dakota State Poster Child for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. They share with the reader that not only did they fight this battle for 12 years, but they had to also fight the financial devastation brought on by extensive medical expenses and no health insurance.

From their succinct but poignant words, you are able to gather just some of the heartbreak and tremendous strain they must have suffered through during those days, months and years of Angela’s illness. But,“White~Knuckle Faith” is so much more than an accounting of details. It is greater than that.

This book is a testimony of faith — one that will encourage and inspire. To imagine Angela, at such a young age, facing this incredible pain, adversity and uncertainty is to imagine a young girl with a courage and strength well beyond her years. The Kaufmans fought hard for their daughter to not only get through each day but to be completely healed, and they used Scripture, hope and their faith in God to do it.

The title of the book is an apt illustration of what it takes to make it through a crisis of this magnitude — a grip on God so tight, the knuckles of your hands turn white. Often, during a crisis situation, we find ourselves immediately “grabbing” onto God for help, but as time continues to elapse, we find it increasingly difficult to maintain the strength of our connection with Him. This was not the case for the Kaufman’s. Admittedly, there were times when hanging on was more difficult than others, but throughout the 12 years, the Kaufman family maintained that white-knuckle hold on their faith.

God performed miracles to heal Angela and to bring the Kaufmans out of the depths of financial ruin. But what I love about their story is that they trusted in Him to do that. They believed the way to live out that trust was to praise the Lord in all circumstances. They scoured Scripture for the abundant evidence of Jesus’ love for us and for his desire to heal the sick. From the very beginning, even when Angela was near death on the recovery room table following what should have been a routine muscle biopsy, they fought to praise Him through it. They understood that “praise is your faith at work” and they made a conscious decision to “live in the answer, before faith had come into sight”.

Kaufmans encourage us to “keep rejoicing regardless of what you see with your natural eyes. God is working in the spiritual realm for your benefit and His Glory”. The Kaufman’s message of praising Him in all circumstances and of His great love for us is as invaluable as their story is inspiring.

“By Him therefore, let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks unto His name.” (Hebrews 13:15)

“White-Knuckle Faith” is available through

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Featured Articles: Pornography is becoming more pervasive
Featured Articles

By Rex M. Rogers, For Living Stones News

An ever-increasing number of computer users means an ever-increasing number of people who’re just two clicks away from beginning a pornography problem that could destroy their life.

Pornography is pervasive on the Internet. There’s not a day I log on to my computer that I don’t have to delete dozens of email- based advertisements trying to seduce me into viewing pornographic Web sites.

That’s what I mean about two clicks away. Porn is incredibly available, accessible and affordable – which is to say that most of it is free.

Sorry to say, men and women, boys and girls are accessing online pornography in growing numbers. Frustrated parents are buying Internet filters, but most filters don’t work, or at least they’re not foolproof. The multibillion dollar porn industry is simply too sophisticated to be blocked for long by countering software.

Pornography appeals to our baser nature, what the Bible calls “the natural man,” where lust can lead us down a path to destruction.

Porn problems don’t begin full blown overnight. Like any other sin, a little bit of porn leads to a desire for a little bit more and then, soon, either a lot more – in quantity or intensity.

The Scripture doesn’t use the word “pornography,” but the Bible is clear in its principled statements about what we should allow into our minds and hearts and how we should live our lives. The Bible says to think on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable and excellent. (Philippians 4:8).

Place your family computer in a location that provides visibility and reinforces accountability.
Don’t assume you and yours “Just wouldn’t do that,” because all of us are susceptible. Most of all, protect your kids from pornography’s ugliness. You’ll be blessing them and their future marriages.

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